Probate & Estate Planning

Robert has written hundreds of wills and dozens of trusts. Inexpensive probate avoidance (including beneficiary deeds/directives, POD and TOD transfers) is one of Robert’s specialties.

Robert’s office has closed dozens of probate estates. Robert has handled all types of probate related litigation. Bob is one of the few lawyers in Greene County who has defended an elderly widow in a guardianship jury trial.

Bob can help you to…

    • Properly plan for your golden years and beyond
    • Remain free and live where you choose
    • Preserve your assets for your loved ones
    • Protect your loved ones and their property

Bob’s probate, trust and estate planning services include the following:

    • Minor and adult guardianship
    • Minor and adult conservatorship
    • Wills
    • Will contests
    • Joint account litigation
    • Decedents’ estates
    • Estate administration
    • Estated related litigation
    • Trust preparation
    • Trust related litigation
    • Trust administration
    • Acting as trustee
    • Durable powers of attorney
    • Power of attorney revocation
    • Health care directives (living wills)
    • Beneficiary deeds
    • Beneficiary directives
    • POD (pay on death) and TOD (transfer on death) planning
    • Division of Aging litigation
    • Attorney General litigation over Medicaid liens