Real Estate Law

Bob knows real estate law!

Robert’s real estate practice includes the following:

    • Real estate contracts and deeds
    • Real estate contract litigation
    • Quiet title suits
    • Partition suits (suits to divide land held by co-owners)
    • Tax sale law and litigation
    • Title insurance¬†law and litigation
    • Real estate covenants
    • Representation of homeowners’ associations
    • Boundary line disputes and ejectment
    • Leases and landlord/tenant law
    • Rent and possession suits
    • Unlawful detainer (eviction suits)
    • Forcible entry and detainer (unlawful evictions)
    • Condemnation and eminent domain
    • Trespass litigation
    • Appeals
    • Foreclosure law and litigation for creditors and debtors
    • Easement law and litigation
    • Mechanic’s liens and litigation
    • Construction¬†law and litigation
    • Real estate related fraud litigation